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Loggin to Multiple Accounts in Google Talk

Install Google Talk.

Right CLick the desktop

Create New Shortcut

Give the path as 

"c:\program files\google\google talk\googletalk.exe" /nomutex

or as the file path of the installed Google Talk folder.

Oru Indian Pranayakadha Malayalam Movie Review

Even if I heardthat Sathyan Anthikkad stated about the fine work skills on Fahad Fazil; thereason that I first stepped into this movie was the director and actor combination with the label of Sathyan Anthikkadworked on a new team replacing most of his usual group of actors andtechnicians. The movie Oru Indian Pranayakadha, went off well with the initial comedy scenes that all of the SathyanAnthikkad movie used to cover, may be to build a mood on to the audience. Butyou will miss out the realistic actingfrom Fahd where he was seen giving a burp of the usual arranged comedy playsthat you used to get from a Sathyan Anthikkad movie. The first half moved well withspotting my schoolmate, acting as a helper ofInnocent actor and that guy who took me a while to get me known that Isaw him in Diamond Necklace as the Kasarkod guy and Fahad's friend in it.

 The best part ofthe movie came from the behavioral gestures from Fahd makes it so good and taking the crowd from his act of innocence thatone expects from a normal mallu boy woulddo. And so when my friend after seeing the first half said - so far so good, I readily agreed to it. The second half did not offer anything special and turned out to nothing more than an orphan girl finding her parents; plus some usual life teaching messages that every Sathyan Anthikkad's movie's formula are likely to have. I loved the comments stated on blaming the existing political situation of Kerala; in fact the politicians and it was good to hear from a lady to a man. The worst part of the movie comes when the two gives a couple of unwanted songs proving that an actor like Fahad must never ever take the role of a typical 90s Bollywood actor would do with songs with dancers all around and singing while running.

If you love Fahad; you will enjoy him in the movie and on the actress, Amala Paul showed pretty well as she does with her worked-out body dances too. As a conclusion there is no other new thing that Sathyan Anthikkad can give to the audience - generating positive reviews (that now came out)most probably from the middle aged family audience. You cannot expect anything from the movie if you have in any way tagged this as a new generation type of movie - you are not going to take anything to your home from this cinema, stopping the review with the expectations of something new from the director next time and stating that "It is time to change"

Pinterest introduces new map features for the board

Pinterest introduces new map features for the board, of which some of the examples of map boards in pinterest are also suggested. Fousquare maps are powered in.

How to apply maps for the present boards?

Go to your boards
Edit the board
And apply map

Future Suggestions that Pinterest must apply:

Pinterest must give a pre-matched city location, rather searching the map all the time.
Users must be availble to connect their foursquare account.

How to write the perfect tweet

How to write theperfect tweet, get this blueprint.
It is challengingto tweet well and get followers,

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Well structured steps on website building and launching

I found this wellstructured steps on website building and launching.
Now I think Ineed to modify this in the SEO perspective, looking forward at the pictochartfree info graphics provider.


Submitting to thesocial bookmarking website helps it easier to index in the search engineresults. But getting quality website with high page rank is difficult andchallenging. Some of the List of Social Bookmarking Sites have being mentioned earlier; but this blog posts helps you to choose the bestfrom them. Some of the website also makes it difficult to get the submittedlinks. Hope this blog post will solve your SEO submitted link report makingtoo. 


Lot of peoplecannot figure out how to get submitted links on social bookmarking website tobe included in the SEO monthly activity report. This can be solved by clickingthe tags and collecting the links. Delicious also have this problems.


Digg is another famous website to submit your link. You need to login as with Facebook or Twitter at the top. After sign in the submiting link option is found at the bottom (footer) of the web page. Submiting the link wont ask for other page meta details and you wont get the submitted links too.


Slashdot is highly recommend to submit the link as well as to involve in the discussions of the related niche. The good part in the submissions is that you cloud link the keyword back to your website, allowing html in the post. There is a high chance of your page being indexed quickly when you submitted links appears at the top for a few second after your submissions.


StumbleUpon is a famous website that gives you the sample website of your interests. Once you have stumble your website on the related categories, there are chance of your website being availble to many of that interests. Your website gets clicks by the visitors after getting the preview as the iframe. Add the page and fill in all the details.


Make sure that the categories selected are changed from the defaults categories like PICS-FUNNY-GAMING-ASKREDDIT-WORLDNEWS-NEWS-VIDEOS-IAMA-TODAYILEARNED-WTF-AWW-TECHNOLOGY-ADVICEANIMALS-SCIENCE-MUSIC-MOVIES. UnSubscribe these and select the one that comes related to your industry.

Will submit the rest of website soon, under constructions

Galaxy Note 3 Official Launch Full Video

Increase Speed on Windows 7 ?

How to Increase Speed on Windows 8?

Click Start button
type "adjust performance" and select adjust performance and appearance of Windows.
keep the tick and un-tick options as below for having optimum performance without making a bad appearance.

Keep only 8 options ticked.

"No such file or directory" error on Email Creation

How to fix the No such file or directory error on Email Creation at the hosting provider control panel.

for those who are getting the following error on email creation.

get the hosting details - username and password.
go to the control panel of hosting service provider.
log in

to fix the error message
go to file manager section.
select home directory 

create the following folders if it is not there.

1 - public_html
2 - public_ftp
3 - mail
4 - etc


to Create Email
go to the control panel again.
select email accounts
fill the fields, you can create the email.

to Access
go to more option and select the access email. as showed in the image.

you will get three option.
select the third option - 

Read Mail Using SquirrelMail

when you choose the email from the domain registered firm, make sure the name server are same as said by the domian registration team, else the website wont work.

Google Glass

Will be the greatest invention from Google, Find out 
The most popular Google Glass Videos available online now.

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