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Peymans is a dedicated provider of luxury serviced accommodation available for short-term lets and rentals. We manage and maintain an array of stunning properties throughout some of the world’s most thriving cities, helping you discover and enjoy the very best of Bracknell, Brussels, Cambridge, Chertsey, Guildford, Hertford, London, Manchester, Newport, Oxford, Woking, and Ulaanbaatar.
We are committed to ensuring every visit is comfortable, pleasant and stress-free, taking pride in delivering our signature level of customer satisfaction upon which Peymans has built our reputation. Each of our properties are elegantly decorated and stringently maintained to the highest standards, ensuring that you have all the home comforts and amenities to enjoy a truly effortless stay. With Peymans, you can leave the fuss to us and focus on your city break, business trip, or university visit – with absolute peace of mind.
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