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Shrink Packaging

Biodegradable Shrink Packaging

APEX Packaging can be your single-source supplier of all your shrink packaging needs - saving you both time and money! Our sales team receives extensive training to better understand all films, equipment and services, and they are available to assist you in determining the best packaging solution for your business. Our customers also have access to a comprehensive technical support/service network that will optimize your equipment to run efficiently while delivering the very best in shrink-wrap packaging.
Stretch Wrapping

Biodegradable Stretch Wrapping

Whether you are fully automated, thinking of making the switch to automation, or continuing with traditional packaging methods, Apex Packaging can help make your job easier. We offer a variety of Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic stretch wrapping solutions. In addition we carry the latest high performance stretch films that offer superior cost containment, high puncture resistance, and support global sustainability initiatives.
Flexible Film Packaging

Biodegradable Flexible Film Packaging

We offer a complete line of semi-automatic and automatic horizontal and vertical flow wrappers, multihead scales, and form, fill and seal equipment for the packaging, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food, & beverage industries. No matter the application, requirement, or equipment to be supported we will supply the highest performance packaging materials available.
Protective Packaging

Protective Packaging

APEX Packaging has a wide range of both protective packaging materials and systems.Whether your application is Void Fill, Blocking and Bracing, Surface Protection, or Cushioning we can provide the correct materials, systems, integration and ongoing support.
Foam Fabrication Services

Foam Fabrication Services

APEX Packaging Engineered Pack Solutions.

APEX Packaging can help design, test, certify and produce superior custom molded foam pack solutions engineered for each specific requirement. Utilizing high quality polyurethane foams your products will be protected, attractive and your packaging solution will be cost effective.
  • Superior Product Protection
  • Damage Free Packaging
  • Custom Fit Cushioning
  • Custom Designed for Your Product
  • Low Volume, Mid Volume and High Volume Capabilities
  • Heavy Duty Blocking and Bracing
  • Void Fill
  • Temperature Controlled Cooler
  • ISTA Certification (International Safe Transit Association)
  • JIT (Just-In-Time) Delivery programs
  • Minimal ...

Carrying Cases

Hard-sided transit cases and heavy duty shipping casees.
Contract Packaging Services

Contract Packaging Services

APEX Packaging has utilized our packaging and automation expertise to help many of our clients that require outsourced packaging and distribution achieve superior packaging results and cost containment.

Contract Packaging Services:
  • Shrink Wrapping (Overwrapping, Club Packs, Multi-Packs, Tray Packs, Shrink Banding)
  • POP Displays (Assembly & Pack Out)
  • Custom Assembly (Product Assembly, Kit Assembly, Hand Assembly, Gluing)
  • Fulfillment Services
APEX Packaging Corporation welcomes the opportunity to be your partner.
We strive to develop and offer solutions that are both economically and environmentally sound, as well as searching out new answers and finding new approaches to solving old ...
Modular Automatic Bagging Machines

Bagging Machines

Automatic bagging systems maximize packaging flexibility and minimize system complexity.Sharp bagging equipment utilize fewer moving parts and fewer machine motions, which translates to lower operating and maintenance costs and longer machine life.
Manually Adjustable Case Packaging Carton Closures

Case Packaging

We offer a wide variety of case erectors, box erectors, tapers, tray erectors and the tape and glue to be utilized within your specific application.We will help redesign your corrugated products to reduce costs, improve performance and support global sustainability requirements.
Strapping Machines & Strapping Materials

Strapping Machines & Strapping Materials

We are a full service supplier of plastic strapping, plastic strapping machines and systems, along with tools and accessories.
Industrial Tapes and Adhesives

Industrial Tapes and Adhesives

Industrial tapes are used for bonding, protecting, masking, enhancing, bundling, shielding, damping, splicing, reinforcing, color coding, joining and holding.

The following tapes are available to be utilized in many different applications.

APEX Packaging will help you determine which is the correct tape for your industrial application.

Double Coated
  • Splicing
  • Cloth
  • Paper
  • UPVC
  • Repulpable
  • Foam
  • Film
  • Adhesive Transfer
  • VHB
Industrial Maintenance
  • Flatback
  • Vinyl - colors
  • Uncoated Cloth
  • Duct
  • Gaffers
  • All Purpose Masking
  • High Temperature Masking
  • Corrosion ...
Tray Sealers

Tray Sealers

Blister Film Packaging and Skin Packaging

Blister Film Packaging and Skin Packaging

Conveyors / Product Handling Equipment

Conveyors / Product Handling Equipment

APEX offers a complete line of industrial material handling systems and conveyors. Whether you need a simple infeed conveyor or a complete conveyor system, our experts can custom design, engineer and manufacture a conveyor system to meet your company’s individual material handling requirements and maximize the efficiency of your operation.

  • Horizontal Belt Conveyors
  • Inclined Belt Conveyors
  • Live Roller Conveyors
  • Parts Handling Conveyors
  • Flat Top Conveyors
  • Gravity Conveyors
  • Stainless Steel Conveyors
  • Plastic Chain Conveyors
  • Flexible and Expandable Conveyors
  • 30 Degree Twist Conveyors
  • Rotary ...
High Infeed Palletizer


Palletizers are automatic mechanical machinery that loads packaged materials onto pallets for shipment including cartons, cases, trays, bags and bundle products.These palletizers are rugged and reliable, are user friendly, and built to satisfy future needs.We offer high performance Robotic Palletizers that are SERVO controlled and built for precision speed.
Package Design and Testing Services

Programs and Services

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